How you produce your prints?

Every print sold by The Little Wild Gallery is a “museum” quality print produced using archival materials with state of the art equipment. We combine craftsmanship, traditional values, and the latest technology (with 7890 Epson printer and fine art papers). Renowned museums and galleries across the world use printing techniques identical to those used at The Little Wild Gallery. Our prints are hand-signed and approved by the photographer.

What print sizes are available?

Each print is offered in different sizes. Our most popular sizes are 20×30, 30×45, 40×60 and 60×90 cm. These dimensions refer to the size of the paper on which the image is printed.

What photographs are available as prints or Digigraphie?

In this website, we have only a short selection of images available as prints and Digigraphie, but any photo by Stefano Unterthiner is available as an hand-signed, archival print. Saw a Stefano Unterthiner’s image somewhere else (in a magazine, book or on the web)? Just let us know where and when you saw the photo, along with a brief description and we’ll locate it for you.

About the Digigraphie: not all Stefano’s images are available as a print with the Digigraphie label: only few images, selected personally by Stefano Unterthiner, are available with this exclusive label.

Do the print sizes presented (i.e. 30×45, 40×60…) on the site represent the image size or the paper size?

These sizes are the paper size. Your print will have approximately a white border of 2-4 cm (2 cm for 20×30; 3 cm for the 30×45; 4 cm for the 40×60 and 60×90 cm). These borders provide space for matting, framing, and handling without harming the image as well as space for the photographer to sign. Stefano Unterthiner agree on the ideal image size for each paper size on an individual image basis.

Can I get my fine art print framed?

Yes, you can order your fine art print framed. We work with local expert craftsmen from Aosta Valley to produce a variety of beautiful wood print frame. However, we don’t send framed prints. It is possible to buy them online and collect them at the gallery-studio The Little Wild Gallery. Please, contact us for further information.

Is every print hand-signed by the photographer?

Only the smallest (i.e. 20×30 cm) aren’t hand signed. All larger, are personally signed by the Stefano.

What does this Digigraphie label mean?

Digigraphie by Epson is an exclusive label for the production of digital works in limited edition. Each print, signed by the author, numbered and embossed Digigraphie by Epson is unique, part of a limited print run and authenticated by the author himself.

What does it mean for my print to be part of a limited edition with the Digigraphie by Epson label?

By its very nature, photography is intended to be reproduced. This stands in stark contrast to other forms of fine art such as paintings and sculptures. The common practice in the fine art world is to produce fine art photography in limited editions in order to create scarcity and allow for the work to appreciate in value. A limited edition is defined primarily by print run and production technique; the print run of the limited edition playing an important role in determining value.