Tokio, September 2012

The Living Wild

The Little Wild Gallery also produces photographic exhibitions based on Stefano Unterthiner’s works. Stefano’s photographs have been displayed in prestigious sites around the World. On this page, we present some of the most recent exhibits we have produced. Contact us, if you want to rent an exhibition or if you’d like to organise a new one with your favourites of Stefano’s images.

The Living Wild

A look back over Stefano Unterthiner’s professional career through the exhibition of more than 50 large format prints: from the first shots taken in Aosta Valley, to more recent ones in Indonesia, Antartic, Finland and Japan. “I started taking photos when I was a boy, but this passion has been a full-time profession for the last ten years,” says Stefano. “I want to present my work in this exhibition through some of my best-known and most-liked images.” A visual journey through some of the wildest and most uncontaminated places on the planet. A journey in the wildlife world in search of rare and threatened species like the wandering albatross and the “funny” crested-black macaque, but also king penguins, bears, foxes and many other species that have been documented through photographs in these years of exploration all over the world. Amongst the photographs on display in the exhibition, there are images from the latest work done by Unterthiner for National Geographic, as well as some unpublished shots.

The Angels of Winter

(not available at the moment)

An exhibition which covers Stefano Unterthiner’s work for National Geographic on whooper swans. Forty prints (90 x 60cm on 2mm dibond) mounted on “caisse américaine”: a simple yet sophisticated frame that adds value to the poetry of the photographs presented in this exhibition. To accompany the exhibition, a 20-minute HD video telling the “behind the scenes” story of a photographer’s work is available. The exhibition was organised by Naturum Värmland Mariebergsskogen (Karlstad, Sweden), where it was on display for two months.

The King’s Odissey 

The king’s odyssey narrates the long journey that the king penguin makes during the mating season. Each year, in November, the penguins gather in large colonies for mating. The backdrop is the impassable and fascinating Crozet archipelago, a distant group of islands in the Southern Indian Ocean, a real refuge for thousands of birds. Numerous dangers threaten the penguins: floods and storms, skuas ready to attack their eggs, killer whales and other predators… The photographs taken by Stefano Unterthiner, and put together in this exhibition (also in a book, published in Italy by Contrasto) show us the many incredible aspects of life in these colonies where the penguins, but also the albatrosses, cormorants and elephant seals that populate the Antarctic, move, feed, reproduce with a single constant worry: survival. A fascinating journey at the edge of the planet. The exhibition is made up of 60 prints (110 x 70cm on 2mm dibond); a slideshow of photographs is available to accompany the exhibition


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